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Alex Sassaman, Ph.D.
Special Ed Consulting
As an educational consultant and advocate, Alex has expertise in navigating the school system (including IEPs and 504s) and helping students with disabilities (Autism, ADHD, LD, health and intellectual impairments) receive the best program; she can attend school meetings. Alex educates parents on their rights and the special-ed processes, also provides an opportunity for group forums with friends or school PTA members.Link206-659-7867Bothell
Barbara Bennett, MAProvides expertise and consultations for individuals with Dyslexia, LD, ADHD, executive function, planning, organizational difficulties, communication disorders, anxiety and depression to become skilled, independent students and/or workplace employees. School and IEP/504 consultations, teacher training seminars, and parent talks available.Link206-325-2522Seattle/Eastside
Belle Chenault, M.Ed.Sees families throughout the Puget Sound Region helping parents determine how best to support their children with school or peer issues, with options for school consultations.Link206-465-8068Bellevue/Seattle
Claire Nold-Glazer, M.Ed.
College Planning Help
College planning help. Guides students and their families through the college research application and selection process. Emphases is placed on helping students identify the “best fit” for schools and programs.Link425-373-1192Bellevue
Cynthia Dupuy, M.A., Ph.D.Ms. Dupuy can represent families in school Meetings and helps communicate the goals and needs of the child. Can attend IEP meetings, Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings and Parent Teacher conferences. Link425-378-7634Bellevue
Elizabeth A. Smith, Ph.D.
Can provide personalized education plans, consulting and remediation ideas for students of all ages. Evaluations for LD and Dyslexia are available for students of all ages. Link425-301-1816Kirkland
Lynne Hakim, LICSW, BCD
Lynne Hakim Psychotherapy and Consultation, PLLC
Supports people of all ages with learning differences/ADHD. This includes therapy, coaching and school based interventions, advocacy, academic consultation, and performance and ADHD coaching.Link206-228-3233Mountlake Terrace
Robert Dannenhold
Educational consulting and college placement. Specializing in ADHD and students with LD. Also works with students on intern placements, vocational placements, 5th year pro- grams, and camps for kids with LD or ADHD.Link206-633-0443Seattle
ATAC Inc. Associates in Tutoring & Academic Consultation - Jane Rosenberg, M.Ed.Provides seminars for students, academic consultation for parents and schools.Link206-547-1818Seattle
Brightmont Academy
Karen Buckner
Director of Development
Brightmont offers a consulting service for Families needing help selecting an appropriate school placement, college and/or career exploration. Link206-284-2300Seattle
Brightmont Academy
Karen Buckner
Director of Development
Brightmont offers a consulting service for Families needing help selecting an appropriate school placement, college and/or career exploration. Link425-373-0800Redmond Town Center
Brightmont Academy
Karen Buckner
Director of Development
Brightmont offers a consulting service for Families needing help selecting an appropriate school placement, college and/or career exploration. Link425-836-1600Sammamish
Brooks Power Group
Allison Brooks Ph.D.
Tom Brooks, Ph.D.
Professionals who provide consultations and case management in coordinating resources and information among schools, families, medical providers, and the justice system to meet clients’ needs
Crisalli Training and Consulting
Linda Crisalli
Early Learning Consultant and Trainer. Ms. Crisalli has over 40 years’ experience working with, and in behalf of, young children and their families. As an independent consultant, she conducts objective classroom observations, creates detailed written reports with specific suggestions for parents, teachers, and childcare providers about ways they can support a child who struggles in the group environment (with learning, attention, staying on task, impulse control, tolerance of frustration, social skills, or aggressive and/or disruptive behaviors).425-202-7188Seattle (and East King County)
Dartmoor School and TutoringDartmoor provides educational consultations and advocacy for families of school age children.Link425-885-6296Bellevue, Seattle, Bothell, Issaquah
Debra A. Boyle, M.Ed.Over 25 years of working with students from preschool to senior adults. As a Consultant she can advocate for students and meet with school staff on their behalf.Link425-868-5648
Eastside Academics SchoolEducational planning, college advising and vocational assessments for high school students.Link425-401-6844Bellevue
Elizabeth P. MacKenzie, Ph.D.Provides consultation/liaison with educators planning and attending 504 or IEP meetings, observing in the classroom and preparing homework plans. Will also consult with Physicians. Provides parent and student consultations regarding school and/or day care placement. Link206-932-2590Seattle
Gwen A. Lewis, Ph.D.Provides consultations with parent and school staff425-672-1850Edmonds
Hallowell Todaro CenterThe center helps families navigate specific academic issues with their child or the school; the staff helps with educational issues related to learning disabilities and ADHD and particulars of individual education plans.Link206-430-7345
Ivey West, M.Ed.Ms. West can go into the educational setting to provide assistance to students in setting up compensation and accommodation strategies, and can counsel family and students as needed. 253-655-0947Tacoma
Kendra Wagner, M.A.
Reading, Writing, Thinking
Has years of experience working with individuals dealing with LD/Dyslexia. Advocates for children in or out of the school system.Link206-947-4478Seattle
Larry Davis
Special Education Advocate
Successfully helping parents navigate the special education and gifted maze through intuitive consultation and direct negotiation. With over 30 years working within the education system Larry has the background to provide the appropriate support and advice. Free consultations available.206-914-0975Seattle
Melinda Johnson, LICSW
Melinda Johnson Counseling
Assists in collaborating with school staff on IEP and 504 issues on behalf of families. Works with pre-school to young adults.509-946-1309Richland
Northwest Justice Project Special Education Legal ClinicThe Project is introducing a free special education legal clinic to provide attorney advice about your child’s right to an education; they will work with you by phone. Appointments are available on Tuesdays from noon - 1:30pm and Thursdays from 7:pm to 8:30pm. To schedule an appointment please leave a voicemail with contact information or use the online NJP’s form with contact.Link206-707-7292Seattle
Ross Mayberry, Ph.D.Provides assessment/treatment for ADHD, this includes help interfacing with schools/504 plans, colleges, employers, primary care physicians and psychiatrists. Ages 16 and up.206-323-7323Seattle