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Amy Ford, PsyDNeuropsychological evaluations for children and adolescentsLink425-295-7697Issaquah
Andrew B. Forsyth, PhD
Ridgeway & Forsyth Psychology, P.S.
Clinical Psychologist, specializes in assessments of ADHD and LD of children ages 6 to adults.Link509-353-9885Spokane
Anne Wright, PhDEvaluations of LD, ADHD, gifted, and twice-exceptionalityLink360-961-8766Bellevue
Belle Chenault, PhDProvides testing of children, adolescents, and adults for learning disabilities and ADHD for educational or employment issues. Counsels school-aged children for self-esteem, anger, grief, anxiety, and school peer concerns. Works with parents to determine how best to support their children and can include school consultation and advocacy.Link206-465-8068Seattle, Bellevue
Cynthia Dupuy, MEd, PhDDiagnostic evaluations to determine LD or ADHD Link425-378-7634Mercer Is
Elizabeth A. Smith, PhDLD evaluations and assessments for DyslexiaLink425-301-1816Kirkland
Ellen L. Walker, PhDEvaluations for LD and ADHD for all agesLink360-738-4916Bellingham
Jennifer M. Gronholt, PsyDAssessments of LD/ADHD for children/adolescents360-639-4642Bellingham
Jennifer R. Blair, Ph.DProvides neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessment services for children, adolescents, and young adults.Link425-640-6134Edmonds
Natasha T. Hays, MDHas years of experience working in developmental/behavioral pediatrics. She provides learning disability
diagnostics that differ from the standard evaluation
done by an education psychologist in that they focus
on a neurodevelopment approach. This includes
evaluation of auditory memory, visual memory, active
working memory, long and short term memory,
visual spatial and processing, fine and gross motor,
graphomotor, and language skills. She will
include a neurological exam and minimal
occupational therapy evaluation (for partial
retention of primitive reflexes). A learning plan
will be provided for each child and in some cases
where it is desired, serve as a tutor to help the
child compensate for his/her learning differences.
Ms. Hays is proficient in Spanish with some French.
Amy Summers, PhDEducational assessments, LD, Dyslexia, ADHD & IQ testing Link206-522-4104Seattle
Angela Hungelmann, PhD
Arboretum Psychological Services
Assessment of LD & ADHD for children/adolescents Link206-729-2829Seattle
Antioch Community Counseling/Psychology ClinicSliding fee scale LD testing Link206-268-4840Seattle
ARK Institute of LearningAssessments for LD, sliding scale is availableLink253-573-0311Tacoma
Barry S. Anton, PhD
Rainier Behavioral Health
Evaluations for LD/ADHD, early kindergarten entrance, and evaluations for gifted educationLink253-475-6021Tacoma
Beverly J. Norfleet, PsyDProvides diagnostic testing for LD, can conduct assessments with ethnically and culturally diverse populations425-455-7861Bellevue
Brooks Powers GroupAssessment to determine LD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Link206-801-1139Seattle
Christine Clancy, PhD, ABPPClinical Neuropsychologist who provides assessments for LD/ADHDLink425-877-3484Bellevue
Daniel M. Salzer, PhDEvaluations for LD, ADHD, and ODD for children425-483-4136Woodinville
Darla Capetillo, PhDProvides full assessment for LD & ADHD Link425-646-7279Bellevue
Edwin D. Hill, PhDNeuropsychological testing for adolescents & adults253-383-3355Tacoma
Elizabeth P. MacKenzie, PhDLD/ADHD testing, children/adolescents/college age Link206-932-2590Seattle
Fredric Provenzano, PhDProvides evaluations for LD and ADHD for all agesLink206-361-2343Seattle
Gayle Fay, PhDNeuropsychological evaluations for LD or ADHD, preschool and up 425-452-8036Bellevue
Grant Martin, PhDAssessment and intervention for LD and ADHD Link425-999-6285Edmonds
Gregory Greenberg, Ph.D.Can provide IQ evaluations for all ages, but not assessments for Learning Disabilities425-637-7700Bellevue
Guy D. Oram, PhDLD evaluations for children and adolescents and older Link425-576-1817Kirkland
Gwen A. Lewis, PhD, ABPDNComprehensive testing of LD, ADHD for all ages 425-672-1850Edmonds
Hallowell Todaro CenterSpecializes in the diagnosis of cognitive and emotional conditionsLink206-420-7345
Ivey West, MEdEvaluations for LD/ADHD for adolescents, reports co-signed by PhD 253-655-0947Tacoma
J. Keith Peterson, PhDProvides evaluations for LD & ADHD for all ages253-572-2588Tacoma
Jared Hellings, PsyDProvides assessments for LD & ADHD in teens & adults Link425-686-8413Edmonds
Jeanne Anne Craig, PhDEducational and gifted program assessment 425-822-8159Kirkland
John Rarick, PhDEvaluations for LD and ADHD Link360-698-4860Poulsbo, Port Orchard, Silverdale
Kenneth N. Asher, PhDPsychological and educational testingLink206-322-4552Lake Forest Park
Kirstie Lewis, PhDAssessment of LD and Scotopic Sensitivity for all ages425-562-8928Bellevue
Kristy Kwon, PhDComprehensive evaluations for LD and ADHD425-635-0665Bellevue
Linda Gorsuch, BA,SpEdProvides assessments for LD360-371-3978Bellingham
Melyssa Higgins, PhDAt ABCD, Educational testing for children & adolescents Link206-569-3361Seattle
Michelle A. Proulx, PhD
The Capable Child
Evaluations of LD, ADHD, gifted and twice exceptionality206-660-1702Seattle
Nora Thompson, PhDNeuropsychological assessments for LD425-640-6134Edmonds
Owen J. Bargreen, PsyDPsychological and cognitive testing for LD and ADHDLink425-303-0201Everett
Patricia A. Oppenheim, PhDIntellectual, educational assessments for LDLink425-562-1515Bellevue
S. Wayne Duncan, PhD
ABCD, Inc.
Assessments in cognitive and academic achievementLink206-569-3361Seattle
Stephanie Nelson, PhD, ABPPProvides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for children with learning, processing, social, emotional, behavioral, and/or medicalLink360-334-6156Seattle
Steven R Pickering, Ph.D
Seattle Children’s Hospital Autism Center
Provides evaluations for children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental issues206-987-7271Seattle
Susan Toth Patiejunas, Ph.D.
Eastside Psychological Associates
Evaluations for LD/ADHD, preschool to adolescent Link425-481-5700Woodinville
The Learn Clinic - University of Washington School of Psychology Comprehensive learning, behavioral, and ADHD assessments, including Learning DisabilitiesLink206-543-6511Seattle
Tona L. McGuire, PhDAssessments for LD and ADHDLink425-481-5700Snoqualmie & Woodinville
University of Washington Clinical Lab Free diagnostic testing of children ages Preschool-High School by students under guidance of professors. Spring Quarter- Preschool age assessment for LD, Behavior, Social-Emotional issues (Kindergarten readiness)206-616-6362Seattle
Wendy B. Marlowe, PhD, ABPPNeuropsychological evaluations for LD & ADHD Link206-623-5217Seattle