These listings are intended solely to help users find a resource that can fulfill a specific need. The resources listed in the Directory are made without any guarantee by the Learning Disabilities Association of Washington (LDAWA) and users should independently assess the services offered by the listed resources. LDAWA does not recommend or endorse any specific person or organization, or diagnostic or therapeutic method. LDAWA disclaims any liability in connection with the use of this information.


ADHD and LD Adult Support Groups
Diagnostic Testing and Consultations
Evaluations and/or treatment for ADHD
Children & Adolescents

ADHD – Medical Evaluations
ADHD – Coaches
Area Social Skills Trainings
Diagnostic Testing
Educational Consulting and Advocacy Referrals
Northwest Private Schools for LD and ADHD
Private Schools with Programs or Assistance for LD and ADHD
Tutoring and Educational Therapists
All Ages

If you provide resources for those affected by learning disabilities and are not yet listed in the directory, or need your information updated, please contact Nancy Sobich at