Article from The 74: For children with special needs, unprecedented coronavirus school closures bring confusion, uncertainty

Since a school district in suburban Seattle closed as the coronavirus pandemic intensified, Jen Cole has worried that her 9-year-old son Gabriel, who has a developmental disability, could regress. During previous summer breaks, the Mukilteo School District provided an extended school year to Gabriel, a second-grader with atypical William's Syndrome who receives special education services that include tailored instruction, occupational therapy and speech language therapy. When campuses shuttered last week, the Mukilteo superintendent told parents that schools could go dark for "weeks to months." READ MORE >  

Digital Directory

The Learning Disability Association of Washington has released an online directory to help those affected by learning disabilities find resources within the greater Puget Sound region. The directory lists over 800 resources organized into categories ranging from diagnostic testing, consultants, therapists and support groups to optometrists, ADHD resources, physicians and psychiatrists.